Moving Dunkin' Donuts to AWS Cloud

Challenges Faced

Dunkin' Donuts, with its extensive network of stores and loyal customer base, needed a modern and scalable infrastructure to support its rapid growth and evolving digital needs. The existing legacy infrastructure posed challenges in terms of scalability, flexibility, and agility, hindering their ability to introduce new customer-centric digital services and respond quickly to market demands.


Recognizing the immense potential of AWS, we worked closely with Dunkin' Donuts to design and execute a comprehensive cloud migration strategy. Leveraging the power of AWS services such as Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, and Amazon RDS, we meticulously orchestrated the migration of Dunkin' Donuts' critical systems and applications to the cloud.

With meticulous planning and attention to detail, we ensured a smooth and efficient migration process for Dunkin' Donuts. Our experienced team meticulously assessed and prioritized workloads, implemented robust data migration strategies, and conducted thorough testing and validation to minimize disruptions and ensure a seamless transition to the AWS environment.

By harnessing the scalability of AWS, Dunkin' Donuts experienced a significant boost in their infrastructure's capacity to handle varying customer demands. The elastic nature of the cloud allowed them to effortlessly scale resources up or down, ensuring optimal performance during peak periods while optimizing costs during quieter periods.

With their legacy infrastructure replaced by AWS, Dunkin' Donuts witnessed a remarkable acceleration in their digital innovation initiatives. The agility and flexibility of AWS enabled rapid deployment of new services, features, and functionalities, empowering Dunkin' Donuts to stay ahead of the competition and meet the evolving expectations of their tech-savvy customers.


The successful migration of Dunkin' Donuts to AWS has revolutionized their digital infrastructure, positioning them for continued success in the competitive market. By leveraging the power of AWS, Dunkin' Donuts achieved unparalleled scalability, enhanced innovation capabilities, improved cost-efficiency, and accelerated time-to-market. As their trusted cloud migration partner, we are proud to have played a pivotal role in Dunkin' Donuts' cloud-driven transformation, empowering them to delight customers and drive growth in the digital era.

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