Leveraging cloud together with on-prem : Snap-on


Snap-on Business Solutions (part of Snap-on Inc.; NYSE: SNA) needed a robust and secure cloud infrastructure to support their internal systems, ensuring seamless connectivity with their on-premises resources. They sought a partner capable of auditing their existing solution, identifying vulnerabilities, and designing a new infrastructure that could scale, optimize performance, and enhance security.


Recognizing the unique requirements of Snap-on Business Solutions, we embarked on a comprehensive journey to architect and secure multiple AWS cloud infrastructures. Through a meticulous audit process, we gained insights into their existing solution, identified areas for improvement, and designed a new, highly secure infrastructure tailored to their specific needs.

Working hand in hand with Snap-on Business Solutions, we developed multiple AWS cloud infrastructures that prioritized security and scalability. We implemented industry best practices, including network segmentation, access controls, and encryption, to fortify their internal systems. By leveraging AWS services such as Amazon VPC, AWS Direct Connect, and AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), we ensured a secure and seamless connection between their on-premises resources and the cloud.

Ongoing maintenance

Our partnership with Snap-on Business Solutions extends beyond the initial infrastructure creation. We have taken on the responsibility of providing ongoing maintenance and improvement support, working tirelessly to optimize performance, enhance security measures, and ensure the infrastructure aligns with their evolving needs. Through proactive monitoring, regular updates, and strategic enhancements, we continuously strive to elevate their cloud infrastructure to new heights.

Achieving Seamless Connectivity

Snap-on Business Solutions' internal systems heavily rely on secure connectivity with their on-premises resources. By implementing robust networking solutions, including virtual private networks (VPNs), dedicated connections, and hybrid cloud architectures, we seamlessly integrated their cloud infrastructure with their on-premises environment. This connectivity enables efficient data exchange, streamlined workflows, and enhanced collaboration across the organization.


The partnership between our team and Snap-on Business Solutions has resulted in a transformation of their cloud infrastructure, empowering them with enhanced security, scalability, and performance. By leveraging the power of AWS, we have provided them with a solid foundation to accelerate innovation, improve operational efficiency, and drive overall business success.

Our ongoing collaboration with Snap-on Business Solutions exemplifies the power of a strategic cloud infrastructure partnership. Through the creation of multiple AWS cloud infrastructures, rigorous security measures, seamless connectivity, and continuous maintenance and improvement activities, we have positioned Snap-on Business Solutions for sustainable growth and innovation. As their trusted cloud infrastructure partner, we remain committed to driving their success by delivering cutting-edge solutions, ensuring robust security, and providing unwavering support on their cloud journey.

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